10,00 €

Because we know that it's complicated to find the right shoe for your feet, we offer a gift card for any occasion that will allow the lucky person to find a suit that fits him or her.

  • 25 € ? In addition to a purchase or to buy a tie, cufflinks or any other accessory.
  • 50 € ? A high quality Jonas & Cie shirt; it's priceless.
  • 100 € ? Two Jonas shirts and a small accessory... Renewing your shirt has never been easier.
  • 380 € ? The price of a half-measure Jonas & Cie suit, altered.
  • 500 € ? A half-measure suit, made to measure, shirts... Perfect pot-commun or gift for a special occasion!

Quality first

By the choice of the fabric and its origin, the cuts of the products and our expertise.

Unbeatable prices

Our rates are honest and always at the right price. Touch-ups are included.

Fast delivery

We'll ship all the pre-order items within 7 days.